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The Top Agent Happy Hour Podcast helps agents build a real estate career worth celebrating. Brought to you by Pearson Smith Realty, a fast-growing brokerage serving the Virginia, Maryland, DC and West Virginia markets.

By featuring top producers, industry insiders and team leaders, Top Agent Happy Hour provides a platform to pull back the curtain, sharing secrets and actionable ideas for attracting clients, delivering great service, and closing deals. We also take agents beyond the deal, sharing how to connect with your WHY, be authentically awesome, and build your desire to be the best YOU, you can be!

Mar 28, 2019

For new agents in the industry, making your mark can be a long process. How can you foster other people’s trust in your ability to get them the best deals and the best homes? Does it take years, or can you accelerate your reputation and impact?

On this episode, we talk with Casey Menish, who is proof that being new to the industry should never be a hindrance to your success. Casey made a name for herself in real estate despite discouragement from seasoned agents early in her career.



Three Things We Learned From This Episode

Building relationships is important

Having social relationships with clients can help to bolster your professional relationships. Meet for happy hour or small gatherings, rather than huge client appreciation events. By building personal relationships, you’re more likely to keep getting referrals.

You have to stay top-of-mind

While you should be visible to past clients as a friend, make sure they don’t forget you were their agent. From time to time, and on anniversaries of their transactions with you, send them details of the neighborhood they bought in. By reminding them that you are not only their friend, but also their agent, you’ll be the first person they think of when they need to sell their home or buy a new one.

Being easily reachable is crucial

When you’re contacted by a client, respond as soon as you can. Not only is it easy when you have a cellphone with you, it also goes a long way in building a trusting relationship.


In real estate today, it’s important to have a bond with your clients. After all, you’re playing a big role in their lives by finding them a home. Build relationships and stay close with those you work with. You’ll not only have a great social circle, but a loyal client base.


Guest Bio

Casey Menish is an agent at Pearson Smith Realty. After graduating from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in marketing, Casey decided to start a career in real estate. However, she was met with discouragement from a family friend who told her she was too young. Undeterred, Casey went on to meet with CEO and founder of Pearson Smith Realty, Eric Pearson. With his encouragement, Casey started flourishing at the agency by leveraging her knowledge of social media. Nearly 6 years after starting her journey with Pearson Smith, Casey continues to bring in business by ensuring she has genuine connections with her clients. In addition to strengthening ties with clients, Casey pays it forward in her community through her involvement with two charity foundations, as well as fostering dogs.

To contact Casey, you can connect with her on Instagram: @caseymenish .You can also email her on

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Wholehearted Foundation:

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