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The Top Agent Happy Hour Podcast helps agents build a real estate career worth celebrating. Brought to you by Pearson Smith Realty, a fast-growing brokerage serving the Virginia, Maryland, DC and West Virginia markets.

By featuring top producers, industry insiders and team leaders, Top Agent Happy Hour provides a platform to pull back the curtain, sharing secrets and actionable ideas for attracting clients, delivering great service, and closing deals. We also take agents beyond the deal, sharing how to connect with your WHY, be authentically awesome, and build your desire to be the best YOU, you can be!

Apr 25, 2019

Platforms like Zillow bring a lot of opportunities to agents. How can you make the most of the platform? Which mistakes do you need to avoid if you want to have great results?

On this episode, we’re joined by Matt Johnson to discuss how you can use Zillow and AI more effectively.



Three Things We Learned

  • Embrace artificial intelligence. Clients want to push a button and have an appointment.
  • One of the biggest mistakes agents make is not responding to clients on Zillow. Stay active on the platform.
  • When responding to reviews, include personal details. You want people seeing the reviews to know you have great relationships with your clients.

Online platforms are often seen as impersonal because of their reliance on artificial intelligence. However, platforms like Zillow actually allow you to showcase your connections with past clients. Embrace artificial intelligence for its convenience factor, but remember that the real estate industry requires human interaction.