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The Top Agent Happy Hour Podcast helps agents build a real estate career worth celebrating. Brought to you by Pearson Smith Realty, a fast-growing brokerage serving the Virginia, Maryland, DC and West Virginia markets.

By featuring top producers, industry insiders and team leaders, Top Agent Happy Hour provides a platform to pull back the curtain, sharing secrets and actionable ideas for attracting clients, delivering great service, and closing deals. We also take agents beyond the deal, sharing how to connect with your WHY, be authentically awesome, and build your desire to be the best YOU, you can be!

Mar 21, 2019

The real estate business is constantly evolving, and it’s critical to keep learning. We also need to recognize the value of creating a bond with our clients. How do we remain high-performing? How do soft skills impact our sales? What is our role in mediating information?

In this episode, Robyn Burdett shares how we can improve our performance and client relationships in real estate.



Three Things We Learned

Finding your why
To stay excited about real estate, we need to have a vision bigger than ourselves and a reason for doing what we do. Our reasons can be personal or professional, as long as they are important to us. Once we know what we are doing it for, we become mentally invested, and it’s easier to maintain high performance.

How to sell through listening

We are not typically taught how to understand body language and work with different personality types. Learn to listen and form a bond with people in order to make successful sales.

Share the right information

Our relationship with clients has changed with increased access to information through the internet. There is too much information out there for people to focus on, or to know what works and what doesn’t. We used to be the information brokers, and now it’s our job to make sure the clients get the right information.

Being an agent today means working with people in new ways and being ready to adapt. Information is readily available online and digital marketing plays an important role, but we need to be able to focus on and share the most valuable information with our clients while also building a meaningful relationship with them. When we pay this extra attention to our clients, we are better equipped to do our job well and increase our sphere of influence.

Guest Bio

Robyn Burdett is the Founder and CEO of the Robyn Burdett Real Estate Group and is the Associate Broker at RE/MAX West End. She has been in the real estate business for 31 years, selling homes throughout Northern Virginia, including Fairfax, Arlington, Loudoun and Prince William Counties. Robyn was awarded the Washingtonian Magazine 2017 Top Agent, the Washingtonian Magazine Top Team, the Northern Virginia Magazine Top Agent, the RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award, and is in the RE/MAX Diamond Club and the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. She studied at George Washington University and is a certified Residential Specialist.

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